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Rayco - Wylie Systems

i4500 Rated Capacity Indicator
for Lattice Boom Crane

Most Advanced Lattice Crane Rated Capacity Indicator RCI

User friendly and easy to operate.

CAN bus system for improved troubleshooting and performance.

Full color display in 4.3", 7" & 10.4" sizes.

Data logging and Range Limiting Available.

Complies with OSHA regulations.(see regulations)

System Description:
The i4500 is a CAN bus network system designed to handle the largest Lattice crane rated capacity indicator (RCI) systems.  The CAN bus design uses a single cable network wired to each sensor.  This makes it less susceptible to RF interference and easier to troubleshoot.

The i4500 display shows all the necessary information on its graphic display screen.  The bar graph representing the percentage of safe working load allows for a quick reference of current capacity.  The system warns of approach of overload and anti-two-block.  The internal relay is triggered for overload and anti-two-block (ATB) for use with a lock out system.   The processor has enough on-board memory to handle the most complex lattice and hydraulic crane charts. The display is extremely flexible so it can be customized to meet many different applications or custom requirements.
The display can be customized to show the data in multiple configurations and styles.  The system can also be expanded to include custom features such as data logging, wind speed and range limiting.

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