Wylie i3500 Load Moment Indicator - CANBus


Display rated IP65
Fully sealed against weather and corrosion.
Display Dimensions 5.0"x 6.0"x 2.5"
Operating Temperature: -4 to 140 F
Power supply range: 11V to 36V DC
Voltage to Sensors:  5V
Audible Alarm 80Db
Memory Capacity up to 10000 duties
I/Os: 6 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 17 digital inputs, 5 relay outputs.

What's included in the kit:

The standard kit for a telescopic crane includes the i3500 display with chart programming, (2) pressure transducers, cable reel with length and angle sensor, (1) ATB switch and weight, connecting cables, relay box, CAN bus controllers for each sensor, system manual. 

*Optional equipment includes: 2nd ATB switch and weight, wind speed sensor, 3rd pressure transducer if used with two lift cylinders that are not equalized. A slew sensor for the range limiting option and proximity switches for quadrant charts. *

System Description:

The i3500 is one of the OEM systems used on the Grove Yard Boss cranes. The i3500 is a
CAN bus system that uses a single cable network to each sensor. This makes it less susceptible to RF interference and easier to troubleshoot. The display shows all the necessary information on its graphic display screen. The display includes a bar graph representing the percentage of safe working load. For a quick reference of current capacity. The system warns of approach of overload and anti-two-block. The internal relay is triggered for overload and ATB for use with a lock out system. The system also has optional software and sensors for data logging that records all the crane lift information as well as range limiting features. The i3500 has enough processing power and on-board memory to handle most lattice and hydraulic cranes. The display is extremely flexible so it can be customized to meet many different applications or custom requirements.
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