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Rayco - Wylie Systems

Full graphic display, customized to your type crane.

User friendly and easy to operate.

Intelligent self diagnostics that warn of any system failure.

Powerful processor to allow for all load charts.

Complies with OSHA regulations. (see regulations)

i3000 Load Moment Indicator

Data logging and Range Limiting Available.

System Description:
The i3000 is a complete load moment indicator (LMI) or rated capacity indicator (RCI).  The display will monitor, capacity, load, angle, radius, length and anti-two-block (ATB).  The i3000 shows all the necessary information on its graphic display screen.  The display will match the type of crane the system is for.  For example in the screen above this is a display for a lattice boom crawler crane.  The display also includes a bar graph representing the percentage of safe working load for a quick reference of current capacity.  The system warns of approach of overload and anti-two-block (ATB).  The internal relay is triggered for overload and ATB for use with a lock out system. 

The i3000 has optional software and sensors for data logging that records all the crane lift information.  It also has the option for range limiting which will allow the operator to easily set limits.  The system will allow you to set a work area definition to avoid obstacles in three dimensions.

The i3000 has enough processing power and on-board memory to handle most any lattice or hydraulic crane charts.  The display is extremely flexible so it can be customized to meet many different applications or custom requirements.

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