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Hydraulic Crane Lock Outs

Prevents overload & ATB

Fits most hydraulic cranes.

Works with most LMI and ATB systems.

Required for hydraulic cranes 1992 and newer and man basket lifts.  (see regulations)

Complies with OSHA regulations. (see regulations)

System Description:
Lock out kits are designed to work with an existing rated capacity indicator, load moment indicator or anti-two-block (ATB) warning system.  When the overload or anti-two block alarm is activated the lock out valves will stop the hydraulic flow to some of the controls.  This will prevent movements that would put the crane further into overload or two-block.  The operator will be prevented from booming down, telescoping out or hoisting up.  Movements that will get out of the overload or two-block condition will still function, such as boom up, telescope in and hoist down.  Most displays have an override switch that will allow the operator to disable the lock out system if needed.

Lock out kits are not crane specific so we will need to know what how many control levers you have and the maximum flow need for each function.  The most common kit contains three hydraulic valves (two 40GPM valves and one 70GPM).  The two 40GPM valves are for the telescope out and boom down function and the 70GPM valve is for the hoist up.  If your crane uses two telescope out levers a 2nd 40GPM valve will be needed. Also if you have a 2nd winch you will need a valve for it.  In addition to the valves the lock out kit comes with a junction box with internal relay, connecting cable and a generic wiring diagram. 

*** Additional hoses and fittings will be required and are not included in the kit. The fitting size on the valves in the kit are #16 & #20 SAE which is for 1"  and 1 1/4" ID hose.***

*** You will need to have knowledge of your cranes hydraulic system as well as experience working with load moment indicators or anti-two-block warning systems to install this kit yourself.***

70 GPM valve with two #20 SAE ports.  This valve is used for 1"-1 1/4" I.D. lines.  Supply voltage is 12V.  
40 GPM valve with two #16 SAE ports.  This valve is used for 3/4" I.D. or smaller lines.  Supply voltage is 12V.  

70 GPM valve installed
on hoist winch

Two 40 GPM
valves installed
on telescope out
and boom down.

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