Anti-Two- Block
We offer the model 140 hardwired system and the model 145 wireless system.  Both work well on lattice and hydraulic cranes and have built in relays for use with lock-out systems.

Load Indicator
We offer the model 2190 hardwired system that works with a variety of sensors for applications on all cranes and can monitor ATB and boom angle.  We also have the 3375 wireless system that uses a wireless load link and can monitor ATB and boom angle
Load Moment / Rated Capacity
We offer the top of the line graphic display i3000 and the base model 3100.  Both can function as complete Load Moment or Rated Capacity indicators and work with a variety of hardwired sensors. 

Offshore System
We offer the offshore version of our graphic display i3000 which is suitable for class1, division1 hazardous boom environments.  For environments where the cab is also in a designated hazardous area we have the 650 system.

Boom Angle
We offer the model 830 hardwired boom angle indicator which is an economical solution for meeting boom angle requirements on lattice and hydraulic cranes.

Hoist Drum Rotation
We offer the model 135 hoist drum rotation sensor which is a mechanical "feel" type sensor that mounts on the hoist lever.

Crane Camera
We offer crane camera systems for land based and offshore applications.  We have simple camera systems for winch monitoring and multiple camera systems with zoom features that let the operator have a "birds eye view" down the hoist line.

Two-Way Radios
Our HC-610 radios are designed for the harshest environments and come with all the accessories you need to keep job site communication simple and reliable.

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