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Rayco - Wylie Systems

The TC-610 is built to withstand the harshest job site conditions.  It has a double injection molded body to withstand drops and impacts.  It has an IP66 rating for dust and water intrusion. 
Drop it in mud and hose it off with water!

Built to Military standard MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F and IP 66 rating the TC-610 is the most rugged two way radio in this price range.  The lithium ion battery provides up to 14 hours of use to ensure long-lasting performance and convenience.  One of the many features is the battery gauge which allows you to press one button to illuminate the tri-color LED that indicates the battery strength level. 

The TC-610 is ideal for crane operators, riggers, oil field, mining and all types of construction jobs where durability and strong transmission range are needed.   
You cant find a more durable radio in this price range! 

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Inc. Copyright 2001

HYT TC-610 Two Way Radio

Compact & Durable design. Only 9.7 oz,
4.68" tall, 2.16" wide and 1.30" deep

Lithium ion battery for 14 hr battery life

5 Watt power, 16 Channel, UHF & VHF versions.

Designed for the most rugged Industrial and Construction environments.

2 year factory warranty.

Compatible with all major brands

The TC-610 kit includes:
- TC-610 Radio
- Long life battery
- Rapid charger
- Antenna
- Belt Clip
- Wrist strap
- Programming
- Manual
Popular Accessories: (click for larger image)

6 unit multi charger

Two way Radio Range:

You have probably seen advertisements for 2 way radios with a 30 mile range.  As you can imagine this is only possible in ideal conditions such as from one mountain top to another with an unobstructed view.

In reality two way radio performance is determined by the wattage of the radio.  With all else being equal the higher the watts the greater the range and building penetration you will get. 

We only sell the highest quality and most powerful two way radios designed for rugged applications. 

Our radios are the most powerful available for their category.

Approximate range for UHF 2 way radios
in urban conditions:
1 watt = 1 miles, 200,000 sq. ft., 15 floors
2 watt = 2 miles, 250,000 sq. ft., 20 floors
3 watt = 3 miles, 300,000 sq. ft., 25 floors
4 watt = 4 miles, 350,000 sq. ft., 30 floors
5 watt = 5 miles, 400,000 sq. ft., 35 floors

IP66 rated for work in wet environments. 
Can be sprayed clean with water! 
Remote speaker mic
Headset with mic
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