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Rayco - Wylie Systems

R140 Hardwired Anti Two Block Warning

System Description:
The R140 provides an audio and visual alarm when the hook reaches the maximum safe height to the boom tip. The display is wired to the tip mounted anti-two-block (ATB) switch with a cable on a lattice boom crane or a cable reeling drum on a telescopic boom.  A second switch, weight and jib cable can be added to monitor the auxiliary hoist on the same display.  The display has an internal relay that can be integrated with a function lock out system.  The ATB switch has connections for both normally open and normally closed operation.  This allows for a fail safe circuit where the system will default to alarm if the cable is cut.

Superior ATB switch design which is compatible with all major brands.

Can be set for normally open or normally closed operation.

Cost effective solution for overload protection.

Required by OSHA and Government jobs
(see regulations)

Unique design allows for switch to swivel in all directions and rotate 360 degrees.

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