Wylie R140 Hardwired Anti Two Block Warning System

System Description:
The R140 provides an audio and visual alarm when the hook reaches the maximum safe height to the boom tip. The display is wired to the tip mounted ATB switch with a cable on a lattice boom or a cable reeling drum on a telescopic boom.  A second switch, weight and jib cable, if necessary, can be added to monitor both the main and auxiliary hoist on the same display.  The display has an internal relay that can be integrated with a function lock out system.
(sold separately

What's included in the kit:

The single hoist kit includes the R140 Display, (1) R140 ATB switch, (1) ATB switch bracket, (1) standard weight and chain assembly for hoist lines up to 1", (1) 15 ft power cable,  (1) ATB junction box, 150 ft ATB signal cable (additional cable can be added for longer booms) and (1) system manual.  *The Dual hoist kit adds a 2nd ATB switch and weight assembly.  The telescopic crane kit adds a cable reeling drum and cable guides.*


Display and Switch rated IP66

Fully sealed against weather and corrosion.

Operating Temperature -22 to 120 F

Display Dimensions 4.3"x 5.87"x 3.30"
Switch Dimensions 7.5"x 2.5"

Available in 12V and 24V DC versions.

Standard reeling drum for 100 ft boom extensions.

Double capacity reeling drum for 190 ft boom extensions.

Audible alarm 80Db.

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